About Us

Midway Press has been a preferred publication printer since our inception in June 1985. We’re proud to be a family-owned company and are dedicated to providing top-quality products with unmatched customer service at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we form with all of our clients. By constantly investing in our company, Midway is able to offer comprehensive printing capabilities while ensuring that our production processes are as efficient as possible.

Our Facility

In 2006, we moved from our original location in Addison, TX to our current home on Regal Row in Dallas. Since then, thanks to the growth of our customer base, we’ve expanded our footprint into a larger facility that houses our sales and service offices and ever-expanding printing and binding operations. Please contact our sales team if you’d like to drop by and take a look around. We’d love to show it off and introduce you to the team!


Our Culture

At Midway Press, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships. Delivering unmatched customer service and establishing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients is of the upmost importance to us. As a Midway client, you’ll have complete accessibility to all of our resources, and we’ll be available throughout the production process to make sure everything flows seamlessly, from start to finish, with complete transparency.

At Midway, we’re proud of the family atmosphere and camaraderie within our workplace. The fact that our first three employees still work at Midway to this day, we believe, speaks volumes!


In our customer service department, all of our representatives have been with us a minimum of eight years, and some have worked for the company 20+ years! Investing in relationships with our employees has truly created a stable and dependable environment. Our relationships, of course, also include those we’ve forged with our valued network of suppliers and vendors. For our customers, all of this translates into a high degree of trust and confidence in the expertise, reliability, accountability we bring to every job.



We take our impact on the environment seriously. Midway is committed to an extensive recycling program, including everything from paper and inks to the plates we use on our presses.

Last year, Midway recycled 2,701 tons of material. As a result, we saved 45,917 trees and 18.9+ million gallons of water, kept 8,913 cubic yards of refuse from going into a landfill, and reduced the emission of air-polluting chemicals by 162,000 pounds.

We’re proud of our efforts and continually strive to do whatever we can to protect the environment!