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Prepress Guidelines

Let’s get your files ready for production! At Midway, our file-uploading options include Kodak Insite (which allows you to instantly upload, proof, and approve files), as well as an FTP portal. You can upload your press-ready files using either one. Your rep can provide login information for whichever process you choose.

If you have any questions about making sure your files are press-ready, read on!

Prepress Upload Your Files

FTP Your Files

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Page Size
All files should be single page PDF’s or a PDF with multiple pages within it, created to the document size (trim size).

Our bindery requires margins to be set at no less than .25 inch (1/4”). Bleeds should ideally extend .25 inch past the trim size, and certainly no less than .125 inch (1/8”).

All four-color images and art should be in CMYK. If you upload files using Kodak Insite, Insite will convert all RGB to CMYK for you, but we strongly suggest converting before you upload.

All grayscale art should be CMYK process black, not Pantone Black.

All graphics need to be at least 200 dpi for coldset printing (on newsprint or other uncoated stock) and 300 dpi for heatset printing (on coated stock)

Your Midway rep and our support technicians are on hand to walk you through every step of the file-uploading process to help make it as seamless and easy as possible.



You’ll need to have your own postal permit and mailing list. You can open a permit at any US Post Office you choose, but we recommend that you check with your Midway rep first. We review different USPS locations and direct you towards the best option!

There’s also a link to help you open a Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS) account. CAPS allows you to link your postal permit directly to your bank account so you never have to worry about running out of postage funds. Enjoy a hassle-free mailing every time!

Prepress CAPS Account paper work and Postal Paperwork

Click the link below to access the paperwork you’ll need to obtain a permit.

CAPS Account Application

Postal Permit Application

Enterprise Payment System