Midway Press Conducts Catalog Printing in Spring

Catalog PrintingCatalog printing can be a necessary way to market your products to customers. Midway Press, Spring, TX, can support you and your business through the entire catalog printing process.

Reaching your customers with a catalog will help you increase sales in your business, boost exposure, by giving your client base a solid and tangible piece of your company that they can hold in their hands, and expand your existing customer base.


Catalog Printing in Spring

Catalogs allow you to engage in sales with your customers, without meetings and conferences, as they can peruse the catalog at their convenience.

Catalog printing for Spring businesses, organizations, and individuals can inform existing customers of new ideas, promote new products for new customers, or offer discounts and sales for your repeat customers.


What is Spring Catalog Printing?

Catalog PrintingA catalog printing can range from eight to 180 pages of content. Each page can contain a mix of written text and images. Advertising in catalogs can increase sales. The increased sales can balance the costs of printing and distributing a catalog in Spring.

In addition to the high-quality catalog printing, Midway Press can offer mailing of your catalog with the in-house mailing center and services in Spring.


What Kinds of Catalog Printing in Spring?

Midway press specializes in full color catalog printings. Midway provides a variety of different paper qualities and sizes to get you the catalog best suited for your business.

If you're not sure about your designs or images, their graphic designers can help you complete your design. They can even help with product description writing. 

They also provide a glossy finish as an option for your Spring catalog printing.


The Process for Catalog Printing in Spring

Catalog PrintingFrom product images to descriptions to order forms, Midway Press Spring, can help you get your catalog organized and ready to go to catalog printing, to catalog distribution.

Onsite graphic designers can help you create an eye-catching catalog.

The printing team produces premium printing plates that speed images and descriptions through the catalog printing process, creating quality catalogs that will engage your customers beyond a quick glance. Your well-constructed catalog can increase your company’s sales.

In catalog printing, the heatset inks are set on the paper by running the printed paper through an oven immediately after ink is applied. The heat will burn off the oil-based solvents, then pass through a series of chilling rollers. This is ideal for glossy paper stocks, such as those used in catalog printing in Spring.

Catalog printing then proceeds to the bindery department. In the bindery department, they collate your printed pages, then bind them (if necessary) and trim them to your specifications. Midway currently has perfect-binding and multiple saddle-stitch machines in-house. Midway Press can trim, fold, perforate, apply sticky labels, and shrink-wrap. They continue to expand the bindery department in order to provide customers with more options and single-source convenience.

The in-house mailing department will get your finished catalogs to your customers in a timely and efficient manner. The mailing department may be able to help you acquire new mailing lists.


Common questions about Catalog Printing in Spring

Can my Spring catalog be mailed at a discount bulk mailing rate?

The in-house mailing team can help work up postal paperwork for the Post Office so your catalog printing in Spring will mail at the best rate.

Will it be expensive to print a catalog in Spring?

Questions about pricing for catalog printing in Spring can be answered by calling 972-233-8404 any time Monday through Friday.